Where you wear your fragrance dictates how it will be experienced by others. 

The word perfume is from the Latin language ‘through smoke’.  Consider yourself an oil burner and given that fragrance rises as it dries, the lower you start the bigger your scent bubble will be.

Find yourself a personal belonging to soak in fragrance, leather gloves, lace, hanky, etc. work well.  Carry them in your bag or briefcase so when you need a pick-me-up or to get rid of a terrible street smell you always have something to take you elsewhere.

Intimate Settings 
The best application for this is behind the ears. Though most will spray fragrance directly behind your ear, this is way too much of an application to be subtle. Try applying it to your wrists then plotting behind the ears.  This does also get you more complements than sometimes desired because it is now also in your wrist.  Finding your balance and personal ritual may take some time but totally worth it.

Random Complements
Apply to your wrists, décolletage, chest and/or neck.  The complements will come more frequently than just behind the ears and will have even more impact when your body heat rises.

Many Complements 
Place fragrance on all pulse points including behind the knees.  Please try to remember warmer weather and warmer fragrance does not always mix well, it may create adverse mushroom cloud effect you were not expecting and is difficult to back up on your fragrance once sprayed on.  Heavy fragrances can be worn lightly and light fragrances heavily if applied correctly.

Proceed You Into the Room
Place fragrance in your favorite spots along with behind your knees.  Your fragrance will rise as it dries and the lower it starts the further out your scent circle will be.


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