Weddings take quite a bit of planning as we all know, your fragrance should also have about six weeks in planning. Fortunately this is the same time frame you will need for skin care and spa treatments, you can simply add fragrance to your trip to your favorite retail spot. Unless, of course, you plan on wearing a favorite you already know works for you.

One of the events I get most excited about is helping a person or couple to find their wedding fragrance. This means a lot. No, this is tremendous and I take it quite seriously. Scent is the strongest tie to memory and to tie an event like your wedding day to a brand new scent is extraordinary. This fragrance that will inevitably remind you of the happiest day of your life for the rest of your life is quite an honor to be involved in.

Anything done to your skin can have adverse effects, including rashes and breakouts. Giving yourself six weeks to recover from a possible mishap from new products is the best way to approach the situation.

Even a facial is designed to take impurities out of your skin and could make you break out, that’s the point, to get those toxins out of your skin and have healthier and brighter skin afterwards.