Keep your fragrances from extreme heat, cold and sunlight.

Once a bottle of fragrance is opened it should be used, otherwise it will begin to fade or change its character with time. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and temperature extremes can disturb the delicate bouquet of the fragrance away from the original designers intent. Refrigeration is one ideal place for your scent, particularly if the wearer enjoys a cool and refreshing blast from their fragrance.

Do use fragrance throughout the day. Fragrance will increase your feelings of well being, add a special degree of graciousness to daily living and make life for you and those around you infinitely more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Keep your palette clean when experiencing fragrances. There are several ways a person can remove or neutralize scent when experiencing fragrances. The most popular of these is a neutralizing trick using coffee beans. While this works to a certain degree, the best way to remove smells from your nose is to simply use a tissue as a mask over your nose for three or so breaths. Like K-9s, humans keep scent in their nose in order to get a better sense of their surroundings. Removing unwanted fragrance from your palette is best before trying several and certainly if you run into one that you do not agree with.

Don’t hoard your fragrance, open each bottle with anticipation and care. Enjoy it’s fragrant bouquet of different ingredients from the top notes through the mid, or heart, of the fragrance and finally to the base. Depending on the formula, a fragrance could dry down in as little as 5 minutes or take as long as 20 minutes to develop and mix with your personal chemistry.

Many people do not like to spend a lot of time in the fragrance area, there are many reasons for this and mostly personal. To really get a true grasp of what a fragrance will be like when worn you must apply the fragrance, let it develop on your skin and step away from the area if possible. The fragrance area in general is quite fragrant and even though it doesn’t bother associates, much the same way as when a persons fragrance proceeds them into a room, they do not smell it nearly as well because they are exposed to it every day.

Choose a fragrance based on your chemistry, not someone else’s. Fragrance is never the same on different people. It is your individual body chemistry which makes a fragrance special, unique and flattering for you. A persons chemistry changes every two years or so when food, body products including makeup, hair dye, traveling and even moving to another part of town with a different water source occur.


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